Google has a developed system used by businesses for advertising. This is commonly known as Google ad words. They are made in such a way that the business uses certain keywords that are normally displayed on Google search engines. They get paid for the number of visitors on their sites.


 These businesses only get to pay whenever a person clicks on their links. There are some certain keywords which when searched for by clients automatically brings a number of options on sites that could provide answers. The sites in the top positions of the pages are those with a large number of viewers and the most recommended.


 The advertisements appear based on the number of words in the search that appear on the site. The development of these ad words on Google has enhanced advertising by businesses. It has also made advertising fair such that some people will not feel disadvantaged.


 Google ad words have enabled seo marketing to be cheaper. Businesses do not need to make heavy advance payments as they are charged per click on their links. They also do not have to employ a person to constantly keep check of the website as Google does it for them.


 The availability of these advertisement platforms have greatly contributed to the development of small businesses. The businesses can easily make their products known to clients. This leads to their rapid expansion. It is therefore important that start ups take on these platforms to enable them to compete fairly with other established businesses.


 The internet has brought with it a variety of products to enable development of businesses. It is therefore the role of all business owners to ensure that they take advantage of such opportunities. Internet marketing is the main source of marketing products nowadays and thus saves time.


 In case a person is wondering how they can advertise with Google ad words, they need only register with Google for google adwords and make it happen for them. It is however important to note that the level of advertising they will achieve is solely dependent on their keywords. Some sites do not have any traffic on them due to poor choice of words while others overflow with clients. It is therefore the owners' decision that will affect their advertising. Furthermore, the more the number of keywords paid for by a client to Google, the more the chances of their site appearing at the top of the search engine.